Our Culture

We are passionate and driven to create the next big change in modern financial services. It’s a culture of hope, optimism, and integrity. We work together to help each individual achieve their dreams, whether that is a breakthrough in world first technology, or unlocking 2 more years of opportunity in the United States. We’re firmly meritocratic, live to breakdown stereotypes and celebrate each others cultures, nationalities and life stages

As an artificial intelligence company with a strong focus in fintech, we believe in empowering humans with AI, not replacing them. We believe in the best possible future of cybernetics:

Many people suppose that computing machines are replacements for intelligence and have cut down the need for original thoughts. This is not the case. The more powerful the computer, the greater the premium that will be placed on connecting it with imaginative, creative, high-level human thinking.

MIT Professor Norbert Weiner, creator of cybernetics

And our drive and resolve is legendary, described by industry-leaders as “animal”, “relentless” and “tenacious”. We think like high performance athletes in the zone. We live our lives on court. In action.

“The wolf running uphill is hungrier than the wolf standing on the hill. I need to work double as hard.”

Novak Djokovic, 2016

As people we have beaten through life’s many challenges across the world to follow our dreams and we are making them reality with Forwardlane.

Join us. Make your mission count.

Our Mission

At ForwardLane we believe that the sophistication of financial advice that investors receive should not be based on their income bracket. All investors, regardless of their wealth should receive personalization and sophistication in wealth management but also the ability to access the collective knowledge of the firm they choose to trust their investments with, just as the ultra-wealthy do. We believe all investors should be protected from the next financial crisis through better and increased service from their trusted advisor.

What are we?

ForwardLane scales personalized, ultra high net worth investment advice to mass affluent investors using machine intelligence by empowering their trusted advisor. We are a passionate team of quantitative strategists, wealth management specialists and artificial intelligence experts with over 60 years of combined expertise who came together to change the shape of modern financial services for the benefit of both the client and the advisor.

What is the problem we’re solving?

Wealth Managers today face an unprecedented threat to their business. This is driven by higher client expectations that have arisen from the digitalization of financial advice, and the increasing personalization and engagement in other spheres of their lives. From High net worth all the way to mass affluent clients, the common theme is a lack of information and not enough follow-on engagement. This has caused clients to look for alternatives, searching for ways to replace or cut out the financial advisor with lower fee options and quicker more efficient processes. Our solution empowers the financial advisor — improving the quality, value and speed to access key data in turn enriching the level of advice and service they can provide. Through automation, aggregation and synthesis of data our solutions allow financial advisers to deliver a personalzied and differentiated service.


We are focused on delivering artificial Intelligence products with deep complexity that just work. Our system out of the box is as easy to use as slack — any firm employee can pick up and start asking questions right away. Best of all, we do all of the system training for you.

«Many people suppose that computing machines are replacements for intelligence and have cut down the need for original thought. This is not the case. The more powerful the computer, the greater the premium that will be placed on connecting it with imaginative, creative, high-level human thinking.»

Professor Norbert Weiner, MIT – creator of cybernetics ‘60

“ForwardLane are proud to announce our key partners who share our passion in providing smarter solutions to empower firms and their advisors to better serve their clients”
Thomson Reuters

Deliver critical news, information & analytics to the global financial community around the clock. Thomson Reuters provide instant access to live stock prices and industry analysis helping drive better financial decisions. Through our partnership we provide instant and relevant news and financial data assimilated using natural language and machine learning.


80% of all data today is unstructured, IBMWatson is a question answering technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large quantities of unstructured data. Our partnership allows ForwardLane privileged access to IBM’s latest APIs along with our own unique processes to “turbo-charge” data processing and learning. We use 90% of IBM’s best of breed APIs for natural language processing, deep learning and machine learning to tap into the power of Watson’s cognitive computing technology that gives us human-like thinking.

IBM Quantum Computing

ForwardLane is proud and honoured to be one of the first scientific and commercial research teams globally to have approved access to IBM’s groundbreaking 5Qubit Quantum Computer. Imagine being able to solve problems at 100 million times the processing speeds of supercomputers today! This is the realm our cutting edge R&D team is working within to solve real world problems. We are now beginning to apply our proprietary deep learning models using Quantum computing to bring breakthrough non-linear solutions to market.


Provide global business solutions, offering infrastructure, hosting and consultancy services in areas from mainframe computers to nano technology, to help assist and enable companies to progress. Our partnership allows IBM to discuss and distribute ForwardLanes’ unique wealth management products and solutions to their global clients.

Amazon web services

At ForwardLane we take data security seriously which is why we have partnered with Amazon web services, who provide ForwardLane with a data center and network architecture that meets the demands of the most security sensitive of organizations. Our partnership allows ForwardLane to build and scale in a secure but fast moving environment, deploying our computing clusters on sovereign soil in the US, UK, Europe and Asia whilst meeting international and US security standards. In addition we respect Data sovereignty and Blue Sky regulations.


Supplies data, news and research on shares and funds as well as a provider of independent research on investment products. Trusted as an independent information point for most financial advisors and their firms our partnership allows ForwardLane to incorporate tens of thousands of data sources from Morningstar within our products and solutions and ensuring that this reference material is always readily to hand.


A global business and technology consultancy actively transforming the future of finance through advice, consultancy, design and implementation of large scale solutions to add value to businesses and to improve the user experience for the end client. Our partnership allows Capco to discuss and distribute ForwardLanes products and solutions to their global clients.


Provides real time cloud-based financial market and reference data API’s for commercial use as well as smart, adaptive input and handling of streaming data. Our partnership enables us to bring numerous reference tools together within one overall product to truly help empower financial advisors. ForwardLane has been partners of Xignite since inception and their unique approach helps accelerate our time to market.

Barclays Techstars London 2016

Barclays Techstars London 2016 — An accelerator offering mentorship and access to Fintech entrepreneur experts to help set direction and best practice for businesses. ForwardLane were 1 of just 10 companies out of 685 selected for the 2016 programme and has helped ForwardLane to connect with global partners and clients.


Offer investment risk management solutions to institutional investors, banks and online investment platforms. The experts in cross asset class risk modelling and portfolio optimisation, our partnership with Raise Partners enables ForwardLane to work within your solutions architecture to provide the very best opportunities and protection for your clients within their portfolios.

Fintech Sandbox

This is a nonprofit that is the place for all things data. The FinTech Sandbox helps FinTechs globally to build great products through their mentorship, network and data partners. This creates global innovation and collaboration within the FinTech world and provides links to data feeds and APIs from industry leading data and infrastructure partners. Our partnership gives ForwardLane unique access to this ecosystem and cutting edge, high quality data.

RISE Global

Rise is a community a coworking space backed by Barclays. And yet it is so much more, true to the sense of innovation and collaboration imagined as the ideal of modern startups, Rise embodies this. Through the relationships network and support of Arian Lewis’ brain child, ForwardLane joined Barclays Techstars in London, gained incredible exposure and built not just a network but a community of friends, disruptors, innovators which have been a fertile ground for hypergrowth, motivation, inspiration and new friendships. We are proud to be a part of Rise with our home bases in New York and London.