ForwardLane is a B2B Cognitive Advisory Platform for Wealth Management and Financial Institutions
Wealth Management
Empowering financial advisors with machine intelligence

ForwardLane is a scalable productivity solution and we leverage machine intelligence to empower advisors with the collective knowledge and resources of the firm, on-demand. Using our vast Synthesis technology, organizations can harness a wide range of capital markets data, news, research, proprietary data and client information. ForwardLane Wealth Management analyzes and summarizes all the data and serves it up to our intuitive interface and conversation agent. Advisors can ask questions and get intelligent, tailored responses in real time providing a richer client experience.

Digital Advisory and Banking
Empowering financial advisors with machine intelligence

ForwardLane’s natural language processing conversation agent elevates the Digital Advisory and Banking experience. By continuous learning, we help discover what clients like and dislike, offering more relevant guidance over time to meet changing customer needs. All answers to client questions are made available to advisers revealing trending topics by customer segment. Relevant products, knowledge, and recommendations are delivered consistently within your proprietary governance framework.

Client Experience
Deeply personalized and fluid client engagement

Client experience is at the center of everything we build. Clients want smoother interactions, simpler processes and more meaningful information that is personalized. ForwardLane provides fluid client engagement in parallel with a human advisor or digital solution. Continue the client conversation, in context, including all previous discussions and shared knowledge at any time, day or night, weekend or holidays. Provide personalized insights on the impact of recent events and news or address client questions and concerns in real time.

Institutionalized regulatory reporting in real time

ForwardLane ComplianceView captures every interaction between the advisor and customer throughout the recommendation lifecycle. Leveraging KYC requirements, suitability and eligibility are built-in to the platform, ensuring clients get appropriate guidance and recommendations, consistently, every time. Produce dynamic Compliance reports on products, clients, and advisors on-demand. ComplianceView coordinates all advisor interactions, notes and recommendation detail and generates an industry-leading Fiduciary Standard report for advisory clients.