AI And Machine Learning Will Transform Wealth Management

Every minute of every hour we hear more about the vast, sometimes scary power of artificial intelligence. We’ve invited it into our homes and businesses. In some cases, it has come in uninvited.

Last week, the President of Microsoft, Brad Smith, wrote a pieceabout the need for both regulation and corporate responsibility to ensure that technology is used for good.

And technology can do incredible good. Particularly when technologies such as AI, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) are used not to replace people, but to enhance the human connection between business professionals and their customers.

Nathan Stevenson, the CEO of Forwardlane, spoke to me about mindboggling things his company is doing in wealth management. Forwardlane is a cognitive application and platform that is deployed in a wealth management firm’s infrastructure to help wealth managers synthesize, analyze and organize the infinite data they draw on to make informed recommendations.

Forwardlane’s platform and their expanding set of APIs enable wealth managers to absorb and activate internal and external qualitative and quantitative data in a fraction of the time it takes an expert analyst to get only a fractional view.

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