How ForwardLane a FinTech Startup is Transforming Financial Advisory, and Insurance with AI

Nathan Stevenson, CEO of ForwardLane, a FinTech AI Startup in New York City, a next-generation AI company using machine learning to aggregate and scale firm-specific data, market data news, investment research, products, and strategic analytics for financial professionals joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Nathan Stevenson discuss the following:

  • Please explain financial technology (FinTech) and artificial intelligence (AI) for our audience of entrepreneurs.
  • How does ForwardLane combine FinTech with AI to augment human intelligence for asset managers, wealth managers, insurers, and corporate bankers?
  • Why are (Application Programmer Interfaces) APIs important today, and how can businesses develop and use them to become more customer-centric?
  • How can incorporating APIs help businesses drive revenue growth?
  • Forbes reports, “Companies deploying emotional-connection-based strategies and metrics find that increasing customers’ emotional connection drives significant improvements in financial outcomes.” How can B2B companies create emotional thought-driven AI?

Nathan Stevenson is CEO of ForwardLane, a leading applied artificial intelligence platform that accelerates and enhances productivity for digital advisory and distribution in private wealth management, asset management and insurance.

Nathan is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in quantitative finance and enterprise architecture. He began his career at CQS and BNP Paribas London, and later joined the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as an enterprise architect managing large scale, international technology projects with NYSE, CME, and LSEG. Nathan was born in South Africa and previously co-founded two companies, Matchpoint Music, and HotelsBYDay.

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