Why ForwardLane?

Built by financial professionals, for financial professionals

  • We’re obsessed.  Creating solutions to improve client relationships at scale in financial services is our singular focus
  • Client-centric.  Whether you are a high-functioning team in an office or supporting clients from disparate locations, ForwardLane improves collaboration, sales consistency and critical client communications 
  • We know you’re different. We expect it.  We focus on signals that activate your existing client data and learn from user and client feedback to scale a differentiated experience  
About Us
A cognitive finance solution for modern wealth management.

The power of AI in your corner

Today there are a dizzying amount of systems and information financial professionals need to stay up to date with for their clients. Account data, portfolio detail, CRM activities & notes, product updates, marketing materials, strategy pieces, thought leadership, market data, news, financial goal tracking, and the list goes on and on.

Great relationship managers and advisors leverage their talented teams to pull together this information on a daily basis and make sense of it for their priority clients. That is a lot of time-consuming, manual work and only for the top 20% of clients with the highest AUM. What about everyone else? Is there value in the other 80% of your book of business? What important signals and insights are you missing… daily?

ForwardLane was founded by financial professionals in 2015, for financial professionals. We saw advisors at top-tier wealth managers struggling with information overload and the manual, ad hoc work that goes hand-in-hand with high-touch client relationships. Meanwhile, clients have become more demanding and expect relevant, personalized experiences at every interaction.

We knew there was a better way, so our team of financial experts, technologists and organizational strategists committed to finding new solutions to deliver on this ever-growing problem. The answer lies in technology that augments and empowers the financial professional, not replacing them.

ForwardLane’s AI solutions are able to look across disparate systems, CRMs, investment platforms, portfolios, news and more, to surface meaningful information swiftly. Directly accessible in your daily workflow, our solutions are fast, easy-to-use and get smarter over time.

The result?
Spend more time focused on client engagement. Be the trusted advisor and provide every client with the most relevant, personalized experiences without the manual effort and time-consuming tasks. You are fully prepared with whom to reach out to, what to say and content to share and never miss an important signal or update.

Launched in 2014

ForwardLane is an applied artificial intelligence company that accelerates digital advisory and distribution in wealth management, asset management and commercial banking.

We do this by synthesizing vast quantities of collective firm intelligence and market data, dramatically accelerating the productivity of financial services professionals.

Modernization of Financial Services

It’s all there. In your database, investment platforms.
It just hasn’t been tapped into before, until today.

ForwardLane is modernizing the financial services world, disrupting the system to make client relationship management more user friendly, timely and efficient. See how. 

Meet the Team

Nathan Stevenson

Founder & CEO

Shay Krauss


Scott Mixer

COO & Head of Business Development and Strategy

Peter Rhines

Head of Product

Dylan Distasio

Head of Solutions

Jay Shah

Business Development Analyst

Andrew Lesnyh

Development Manager

Ausha Richardson

Senior Cloud & DevOps Engineer

Victor Presnyatskiy

Senior Python Developer

Benson Myrtil

Senior Python Developer

Anton Lezhneiv

Python Developer

Eugene Romanchikov

Python Developer

Igor Bogachek

Senior QA Engineer


Leading corporate governance with experience at Siri, DeepMind, IBM, Ares, Thomson Reuters, Barclays and MediaMath

Andrea Cullen

BrightLink Ventures
Director of Research, ARES Management DLJ High Yield

Mark Rodrigues

Independent Board Member
Former Gobal Managing Director, Strategic Partnership and Solutions , Thomson Reuters Partner, Financial Services, Oliver Wyman

Darren Duffy

Wealth Management Expert
Former Head of Wealth Management Business Solutions, Thompson Reuters MBA, NYU – Stern School of Business

Greg Williams

Co-founder, MediaMath
Investor, Head of Partnership, MediaMath $1.1bn Ad-tech leader

Larry Wieseneck

Co-President, Cowen & Company
Former Chief Strategy Officer, Barclays Corporate and Investment Bank COO, Roundtable Partners, UHNW Family office

Frank Meehan

SparkLabs Global
Partner, Sparklabs GlobalLead investor, Board Member at Siri, Deep Mind, Spotify, Waze

David Mordecai

PhD Technical Advisor
Founder and President of Risk Economics Inc. Principal Researcher RiskEcon Lab (NYU Courant Institute)

Keith Saxton

Independent Advisor
Advisor to FCAGlobal Head of IBM Research 16 yearsGlobal Director of Financial Services, Deutsche Bank

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Is it time you delivered a smarter experience?

Whether you’re an asset manager, fund distributor, wealth manager or commercial banker, we have solutions to help you meet your company’s client engagement goals.

Why we’re different:

Created specifically for institutional finance, our intelligence layer is designed by domain experts and PhD computer scientists.

It links and integrates quantitative and qualitative data including news, research, fundamentals, asset prices, and other structured and unstructured data sources.

Uniquely created to solve sophisticated cognitive challenges, the ForwardLane platform leverages advanced natural language understanding and deep learning to connect relevant data with human reasoning.

Our powerful platform deeply integrates, synthesizes and organizes firm and market data. We continuously research, evaluate and incorporate state-of-the-art NLP, machine learning and deep learning models to solve our clients’ needs. These advancements are incorporated in our API products, which get smarter over time.