About Us
A cognitive finance solution for modern wealth management.

Launched in 2014

ForwardLane is an applied artificial intelligence company that accelerates digital advisory and distribution in wealth management, asset management and commercial banking.

We do this by synthesizing vast quantities of collective firm intelligence and market data, dramatically accelerating the productivity of financial services professionals.

Why we’re different:

Created specifically for institutional finance, our intelligence layer is designed by domain experts and PhD computer scientists.

It links and integrates quantitative and qualitative data including news, research, fundamentals, asset prices, and other structured and unstructured data sources.

Uniquely created to solve sophisticated cognitive challenges, the ForwardLane platform leverages advanced natural language understanding and deep learning to connect relevant data with human reasoning.

Our powerful platform deeply integrates, synthesizes and organizes firm and market data. We continuously research, evaluate and incorporate state-of-the-art NLP, machine learning and deep learning models to solve our clients’ needs. These advancements are incorporated in our API products, which get smarter over time.