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Solutions that will improve fund distribution efficiency and productivity

Having the right content at hand improves efficiency and productivity in distribution, and yet asset managers spend too much time trying to aggregate various channels of content to find insights to share with their clients. There’s just too much information available, from too many disparate sources.


The Challenge

While individuals teams pull client information together, it often lacks overall centralization. Expert information ends up located in decentralized hubs. Anyone looking for relevant data needs to check CRM (emails and calls), various campaigns and the strategic product team.

With so much decentralized information that you’re not accessing, how do you ensure your funds are top of mind?

Asset Management Solution

The Solution

  • Access personalized content for an entire book of clients simultaneously
  • Gather a comprehensive snapshot of relevant client needs to support calling efforts
  • Match the objective of the firm to relevant clients to segment and prioritize who to reach out to
Asset Management Solution

The Result

  • Improved fund distribution efficiency and productivity
  • Increased frequency of high-quality calls (in both quality and hit rate)
  • Minimize time spent on researching advisor profiles and interests
  • Increased utilization of internally-generated content, which can be leveraged across the firm
Asset Management Best Practice

Scale best practices across
your firm

  • Codify best practice across the firm, streamlining performances and leveraging advanced machine learning to measure and capture usage data on what content is being shared
  • Help the firm to understand top content that may be relevant for other clients across the firm’s asset managers
  • Leverage ‘Smart clustering’ to map similar client types and better target new clients
  • Ensure you don’t miss opportunities to introduce new, attractive products to your clients
Asset Management Best Practice

If you’re armed with the appropriate content and relevant insights, you have a seat at the table. Be better able to generate new ideas and
solutions, be more productive and have a higher frequency of successful meetings.

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