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Solutions that will enhance your commercial banking business

Designed by PhD computer scientists and industry experts,
ForwardLane’s AI solutions:

  • Organize quantitative and qualitative data from news, research, client preferences financial indicators
  • Source structured and unstructured data for real-time decision-makin
  • Obtain in-depth analysis of your client and business ecosystem with powerful tools, natural language understanding and deep learning
  • Solves sophisticated cognitive challenges while connecting relevant data with human reasoning
  • Utilize advanced machine learning to continuously improve recommendations and effectively respond to client needs in real-time
Commercial Banking Challenge

The Challenge

Business owners expect personal, relevant contact between their business and their commercial bank. Bankers who are not able to deliver this level of meaningful service not only risk poor client satisfaction, but customers switching to competitors.

Commercial Banking Challenge

The Solution

You need to provide a differentiated service, develop customer loyalty, and distinguish value-add services in a commoditized product environment. You also need to:

  • Have expertise in each sector
  • Have insightful interactions relevant to each client’s business
  • Serve many clients at a high level
  • Avoid client churn and missed commercial opportunities
Commercial Banking Challenge
Commercial Banking Challenge

ForwardLane’s product

  • Incorporates each business’s sector, transaction history, business profile, business model, interests, and any other relevant information
  • Helps you have a deeper understanding of each client’s needs and business profile, which enables you to provide superior face-to-face service and gives you more in-depth reasons to engage and contact clients
  • Allows you to provide more relevant and knowledgeable information in support of each individual client
  • Identify the highest priority clients to speak with
  • Prepare for meaningful meetings in a fraction of the time
Commercial Banking Challenge

The Result

  • Spend more time on complex issues, advice and services that are more tailored to each client’s business
  • Reduce client churn by providing differentiated levels of added value
  • Be 20% more productive, more confident and encouraged to speak with more clients
Commercial Banking Challenge

A user survey confirmed that 100% of users believed the system would improve the relevance of client engagements, as well as the frequency of relevant client engagements.

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