Designed by PhD computer scientists and industry experts,
ForwardLane’s AI solutions:

  • Organize quantitative and qualitative data from news, research, client preferences and financial indicators
  • Source structured and unstructured data for real-time decision-making
  • Obtain in-depth analysis of your client and business ecosystem with powerful tools, natural language understanding and deep learning
  • Solves sophisticated cognitive challenges while connecting relevant data with human reasoning
  • Utilize advanced machine learning to continuously improve recommendations and effectively respond to client needs in real-time

How it works

ForwardLane has developed an Insight Engine that supercharges basic search technology with artificial intelligence to deliver insights — in context and using various modalities — derived from the full range of enterprise content and data.


Personalized Insights API makes it possible to:

  • Find internal and external content most relevant to each client in an efficient manner
  • Use information in the right context for each respective business case and client

Client Prioritization API augments analysis for every client instantly and simultaneously, making it possible to:

  • Add the dimension of ‘next best action’ to all data analysis
  • Help advisors know who they need to speak with next
  • Provide a cost-effective way to keep and grow business

The Results

Our products save our clients up to a day per week of analysis time. We also help firms to increase and streamline team performance by codifying ‘best practices’ for client engagements, unifying company messaging and helping to train employees. 

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