Designed to save you time so that you can focus on your clients, ForwardLane’s AI solutions address your single biggest concern: the impossibility of meaningfully servicing your full book of customers.

  • Most financial professionals spend less than 50% of their day focused on their clients
  • Information overload often means they don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing who and what to focus on
  • You need a solution that can help you identify where best to spend your time, how to maximize client engagements across your full book of customers and how to deliver meaningful, personalized advice.

Next Best Action

In the absence of ForwardLane’s Next Best Action solution, financial professionals will continue to waste time on processes that are slowing them down.

The results are clear:

  • An inability to prioritise engagements leading to missed opportunities
  • More effort and less efficiency when trying to operate
  • Not knowing what to do next based on clear data signals

Our research has revealed that financial professionals lose valuable hours each day in myriad ways:

  • Coordinating internal resources and expertise, over and over again for each unique client situation
  • Wasting time on unnecessary meetings that eat up valuable engagement time
  • Being slowed down by legacy systems that are outdated.

How Next Best Action Changes The Game makes it possible to:

A definitive list of alerts, priorities and next best actions that affect your clients give you the ability to best service your full book of customers.

Our focus is Return on Time (RoT), which allows you to scale the delivery of your personalized financial services. It’s simple: having more time gives you the ability to add more value to each and every client account on your book, not just the top 20% that you’re currently reaching.

  • Prioritize your workflow and engagements and save 32 hours a month in daily workflow
  • Introduce flawless internal processes that enable forward planning
  • Engage with clients more frequently and with more informative, relevant advice thanks to a powerful recommendation engine

Data Signals

In the absence of ForwardLane’s Data Signals solution, financial professionals will continue to operate in a world characterized by information overload.

The results are clear:

  • You have valuable signals in hand, but aren’t sure how to use them
  • Priority signals emerge, but it’s not clear who is affected by them
  • Complex information makes unearthing valuable insights difficult and time-consuming
  • Poor decisions are made based on poor or incomplete data, and even more time is wasted fixing these mistakes

How Data Signals Change The Game

Data Signals are all about who you should be engaging with and when.

Power personalized client experiences are created through real-time insights related to individual investment strategies. The more easily you can interpret valuable data to inform new decisions and engagements with your clients, the more value you create.

  • Use data signals to inform smart decisions and engagements
  • Access an exponential database of configurable financial services signals and triggers, delivering out-of-the-box value and saving you hours of time that can be spent on more client engagements
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