Wealth Managers
Own your growth with AI-driven actionable insights powered by ForwardLane.

Valuable insights translate directly into revenue

Get better returns
on your time

With meaningful signals for every client, you save time that is normally spent searching through different data and look like a Rockstar in the process.

You know
your client

Prove it, and you’ll connect with more clients in less time. We give you the tools you need.

Have confidence in
your engagements

Have a valuable and relevant reason to call each client, ensuring your relationships are more meaningful. Personalized insights are at your fingertips.


Time is limited

How do you build solid relationships with more than 20% of your clients?

Data is scattered

How do you continue to offer personalized, relevant and valuable insights and service in an increasingly competitive and commoditized industry?

That’s where
we come in

We surface the most relevant clients, signals and stories for you to share with them – making your daily workflow smarter, easier, more proactive, and more lucrative.

Accessible AI is changing the game for Wealth Managers

ForwardLane’s APIs, Client Signals™ and Personalized Insights™ plug seamlessly into your existing workflows and dashboards.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting to deliver a dashboard that is modular, configured for your preferred CRM and that curates data on your system with trusted news and research sites to generate insights specific to each of the clients on your books.

Client Signals™

Client Signals crunches millions of data points relating to your specific clients to produce a dynamic, aggregate score – the Priority Score – ranking your clients in terms of who you should be speaking to, plus the personalized signals from all of your data to enable intelligent engagement.

ForwardLane is your second pair of eyes, combing through your book across the changing data and surfacing what matters most.

Personalized Insights™

Personalized Insights gives you news, research, and relevant market and goal-based content personalized and automatically surfaced for individual clients, every day.

Your curated data sources are processed with our industry-leading 4K NLP, individually scored for relevancy with signals that scan for patterns in portfolios, transactions and CRM data. This enables fresh, insightful, personalized engagement with your clients – even when you aren’t having face-to-face meetings.