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Solutions that will enhance your wealth management business

The reality for most wealth managers is that each client has dozens of holdings and complex planning needs, and it’s difficult to be knowledgeable on every relevant topic and issue. You need to know what is actionable on a holistic basis for your entire book of business.

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Wealth Management Challenge

The Challenge

Do you manage a book of clients that spans anywhere from 50 to 200 clients and more? Do you have solid relationships with your top clients, but struggle to offer the same level of service to the rest? You’re not alone.

As a wealth manager, you obligated to provide quality service and customer care, and incentivized to increase your number of actively served clients. How do you meet these metrics?

The Solution

Personalized Insights API

  • Engage with clients more frequently, with higher-quality information and better insights, in a fraction of the time
  • Match content that links to each client’s portfolios, financial goals and personal interests
  • Support your entire engagement effort with a curated set of highly relevant content for each client

Client Prioritization API

  • Rank and prioritize which clients you need to reach out to first, based on a set of configurable business rules
  • Incorporates signals from client portfolio and planning information, as well as practical relationship factors such as recent calls and emails
  • Address tactical client needs, including trade opportunities, strategies or product ideas
Wealth Management Best Practice

Scale best practices
across your firm

  • Codify best practices and streamline performance across teams by identifying top content across client types and “next best actions”
  • Leverage smart clustering to map similar client types
  • Target new clients that suit the firm’s overall strategy
Wealth Management Best Practice
Wealth Management Results

The Results

  • Free up the majority of your day for performing higher-level tasks rather than basic research and analyst work
  • Ensure clients are tracking against their goals
  • Provide relevant insights so that your clients feel reassured that they have made the right decision in choosing you as their financial consultant

We guarantee a production-ready solution within the quarter that will enable you to have more relevant and meaningful conversations with your clients.

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