Empowering Financial Advisors with Artificial Intelligence

The B2B Cognitive Advisory Solution for Wealth Management

Introducing Virtual
Product Specialist

Supercharge your sales force by providing the firm’s best thinking and product expertise available instantly

  • Quickly ramps up sales productivity of newer producers to match the level of effectiveness of high performers;
  • Improves advisor / client confidence and trust for complex products and solutions;
  • Intelligent conversational Q&A to support basic product education, competitor intelligence, product sales support;
  • Allows head-office to rapidly pivot and reposition sales talent across best opportunities

Connect with clients in a personal and engaging way – scale the investment advice and personal coverage once reserved for the ultra-high net worth; efficiently deliver the best ideas, data and insight to the entire client base


Key features:

  • Intelligent Sales Dashboard;
  • Conversational interface dynamically responds to complex client questions;
  • Conversational client insights;
  • Contextualizes responses based on prior conversations;
  • Hones messaging based on conversation history;
  • Knowledge base preloaded with 55,000 Questions;
  • Cognitive engine;
  • Understands Finance with 8000+ financial terms;
  • Trained with 4.7 million questions;
  • Captures client interactions and history;
  • Monitors and Maintains Compliance;
  • Integrates with Client’s CRM Platform.
Key Benefits of an AI-powered Virtual Product Specialist


Save time, enhance the client experience, increase production;

Firm content synthesized into firm-differentiated advice;

Solution trained for affluent clients (goals, products)


Contextually-aware client conversations;

Data-rich, locally relevant;

Enables a deeper relationship with client


Easy to deploy / integrate;

The system learns over time, increasing in value;

Defensible, firm-specific competitive advantage

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