The Operating System for Wealth Management

Bringing personalized, ultra-high net worth investment intelligence to everyone

Cognitive Finance

Cognitive Finance

defn: empower humans with artificial intelligence that distils actionable investment insight from vast quantities of data.

Using cutting edge cognitive computing, deeply integrated with hedge-fund grade risk analytics as trusted by major fund managers, we bring the type of analysis previously only available to the super rich direct to the Financial Adviser and their clients.

All delivered through plain speak natural language.



What if everyone had access to the wealth management model of the private banks?

Advisors have limited access to specialist teams within the firm and often have high numbers of clients to cater for. As a result mass affluent investors are often underserved and can experience significant delays in accessing the financial advice they need and when they need it.

Robo-advisors have sought to solve this problem by automating the lower end of the market, but what if you could bring the deep personalization of the private banks to everyone?



We build cognitive solutions for Wealth Management, helping financial advisors deliver a sophisticated, transparent, and above all personalized service for their clients

World View

Empowers financial advisors to uncover hidden insights from world news, internal and external research on companies, news, and geopolitical events all accessible through natural language

Impact Analysis

Provide clients with a deep understanding of their investments. Instantly track market movements against individual portfolios delivered in rich visual experiences

Advisor Dashboard

Take control, be proactive with your clients. The AdvisorDashboard is command control for advisors, automatically sorting through client bases finding who needs immediate guidance based on market events

Investment Guidance

Encapsulate the collective intelligence of your entire firm to give better advice to clients in real time. We scale your firms unique IP, tracking investment thesis’ across the organization from the CIO’s office to your clients

Compliance View

Streamline compliance through automated tracking of each touchpoint in the investment process. Baked in eligibility and suitability criteria make sure your clients are only receiving appropriate products, bringing deep transparency to wealth management


improvement in
product sales
Up to


increase in
client coverage
Down to


Reductions in
cost of coverage


improvement in
client satisfaction


For Financial Advisors
  • Spend more time with your clients
  • Increase the volume of client reviews
  • Increase new client aquisition
  • Reduce research time
  • Respond quicker to clients questions and concerns
  • Provide clients with up to the minute commentary on world events
  • Move from a reactive to proactive client focus
For Clients
  • Receive real time answers to your financial questions
  • More access to you advisor when needed
  • Receive reports on events directly impacting you
  • Greater confidence that your portfolio is on track
  • Improved monitoring of events that matter
  • Obtain more relevant information
  • Easily realign your portfolio to meet changing circumstances to your risk and objectives

For Wealth Management Leadership
  • Enrich the engagement with your clients
  • Increase your Financial Advisors client facing time
  • Increase the number of clients you can proactively manage
  • Improve ongoing client service
  • Reduce time and cost spent on research
  • Improve commercial results
  • Future proof your digital benefits
​For Compliance Officers
  • Auditable trail of transactions and conversations
  • Build in company governance and risk metrics
  • Easily conduct past business reviews
  • Check for min service levels
  • Quickly respond to client dissatisfaction
  • Baked in eligibility and suitability parameters

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