Empowering Financial Advisors with Artificial Intelligence

The B2B Cognitive Advisory Solution for Modern Financial Services

Meet Our Virtual Product Specialist

An Investment Intelligence Layer for Your Financial Enterprise

Empower Advisors, Relationship Managers, Fund Distributors

Synthesize vast amounts of firm and market data

  • Scale scarce human resources; like having 10,000 research analysts reading and summarizing reports

Analyze at a granular, client-level

  • Provide smart, indispensable advisory value by generating personalized investment intelligence with institutional precision

Access and distribute insight through conversation

  • Intuitive, self-learning and contextual Q&A helps streamline the discovery process and amplify delivery of the results

Key features:

  • Dynamic, state-of-the-art cognitive synthesis engine;
  • Knowledge base preloaded with 55,000 financial questions and 8,000+ terms;
  • Trained with 4.7 million additional questions;
  • Contextualized responses based on prior conversations;
  • Captures client interactions, history and recommendations for compliance;
  • Integrates with multiple CRM Platforms;
  • SaaS cloud-based delivery, or bespoke/containerized deployment solutions

Key Benefits of an
AI-powered Virtual Product Specialist


Scale scarce resources to gain an enterprise-level edge;

Save time, enhance the client experience, increase production;

Firm content synthesized into firm-differentiated guidance


Sophisticated and tailored advice at scale;

Contextually-aware client conversations;

Enables a deeper relationship with client


Easy to deploy / integrate; bespoke or out of the box;

The system learns over time, increasing in value;

Defensible, firm-specific competitive advantage

As Seen In

Upcoming and Past Appearances

Date: Wednesday, April 26th 2017

Time: from 10h45 – 11h30

Title: Converge: The Robo-Advisory Forum: Artificial Intelligence vs Robo-Advisor: What’s the Difference and How Can the Two Work in Unison?


Why AI is different from robo-advisory—what can it do? Is it all back-end operations?

ChatBots, data science, and machine learning

Using AI to create unique experiences for consumers and customizable products

Speakers: Nathan Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer, Forwardlane Inc

Date: Tuesday, March 14th 2017

Time: from 18h30 - 20h30

Title: FinTech Innovation Lab, the Partnership Fund for New York City and Accenture present: Evening panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services Industry


Opportunities and impact of Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services

How to partner with large financial institutions

Q and A with light refreshments and networking

Speakers: Nathan Stevenson from Forwardlane, Kris Hammond from Narrative Science, Sandeep Saini from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Zor Gorelov from Kasisto

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