Experienced, high-performing wealth management professionals are all facing the same challenge: margin compression and fee reductions coupled with clients who expect bespoke, personalized service. The problem is that advisors spend less than 50% of each day on their clients. You’re so busy with research, strategy, current portfolio allocations, past CRM activities and a host of other processes that you barely manage to touch base with the top 20% of your clients, let alone your full book.


The Challenge

You need the ability to unlock your most valuable resource – time – in order to give your clients the attention and insights they’re demanding. ForwardLane’s AI solutions empower you to create bespoke investment insights at the click of a button. Now you can drive expert conversations based on curated data that is relevant to each client and their needs – while freeing up more than 32 hours per month in daily work flow at the same time. What level of personalized service could you give your clients with an extra 48 days per year?


The Solution

In order to maximise productivity, organizations are turning to machines and AI solutions to help them unlock efficiencies and profitability. Artificial Intelligence can empower you as a financial professional. Our tool can help you to build and nurture your client relationships by:

  • Enabling you to incorporate more data into your engagements
  • Augmenting your ability to find relevant, differentiating content based on client profiles
  • Providing key insights related to individual investment strategies
  • Prioritizing your workflow and engagements
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The Results

ForwardLane’s product suite is purpose-built to help relationship managers and financial professionals identify where to best spend their time in order to maximize client engagements and deliver personalized financial services to their full book of customers.

When time is the new currency of financial professionals, you need a solution that unlocks your most valuable resource.

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Solutions that will change your financial services business

ForwardLane helps financial professionals understand what is relevant to their clients across dozens of structured and unstructured data sources. We augment the financial professional’s ability to know who to speak with and what to say. ForwardLane’s core focus is to help financial consultants remain relevant in an ever-changing and competitive space, while also helping you engage more with your clients and build stronger relationships. Most importantly, our product solutions enable you to make better decisions in exponentially less time.

Our simple, four-step process, helps us to understand your business so that we know which product solution will benefit you the most.

Our Simple Client Engagement Process

We Listen

We listen to understand your unique challenges as they relate to your product, services and clients.

We Partner

We partner with you to propose a solution.

We Launch

We configure the system for your specific needs and define a deployment plan.

We Optimize

We track and adjust the solution to suit your needs.

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Harness the power of AI and give real value to your clients

Begin your digital innovation journey today

In a highly-competitive, data-driven industry, it’s easy to lose clients, become irrelevant due to lack of valuable insights, and be left behind.

Instead, let us empower you to navigate the technology-enabled world of financial services and to be recognized as a leader in your industry.

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In Season One of PathFinders by ForwardLane, we sit down with industry executives, investors, clients and thought leaders to discuss the state of FinTech innovation. ForwardLane is at the center of this innovation wave, delivering a revolutionary AI solution that will change the way financial professionals interact with their clients.